Survival Guide

The Things you must know to have an absolutely AMAZING weekend!  First and foremost; Tolerate and respect your fellow participants. Your rights of self-expression stops at the end of your fingers and toes. Respect each others’ personal boundaries. Take responsibility for your own experience.

10 Principles:
Our event operates on the 10 Principles of Burning Man.  Don’t know them?   Learn them, live them, love them…  You can find more information here:

Local, State and Federal Laws:
Familiarize yourself with regard to all local, state and federal laws as you would in any municipality. Law enforcement is not expected at the event, but please be respectful if you see any. We wish for positive interactions with law enforcement.

You are responsible for your own actions, safety and well-being. You’re encouraged to help keep others and your neighborhood safe. Intervene if you see a potential safety hazard. HearthsOPhyre accepts no responsibility for your safety or the security of your personal property.

Please sign up for at least one volunteer shift to help our community thrive! It’s a great way to participate, gift your time, and meet new people!

This event is early October in IA.  Be prepared for the cold, heat, rain, wind, sun, snow, or whatever Mother Nature throws at us for the weekend. We’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast, and hope for the BEST!

What you MUST bring:
Water, shelter, sleeping bag/blankets, food, dishes, appropriate clothing, a flashlight or lantern of some kind, your own trash bag, and a whole bunch of common sense. No fresh water or power available onsite.

What you probably WANT to bring:
A camp chair, treats and drinks (no underage drinking), costumes for you, and decorations for everything! Items/crafts for gifting.

What you should NOT bring (Prohibited Items):
No fireworks, firearms, explosives, flares or illegal substances.

No glass; Transfer liquids to plastic containers or use cans.

No pets – HearthsOPhyre can be a stressful environment for pets—consider a pet sitter for the weekend. Anyone attempting to bring a pet in will be turned away at the gate; if you are found with a pet while HearthsOPhyre, we’ll have to ask you to pack up and leave.

For costumes and/or decorations, please avoid items such as feathers, sequins, confetti, glitter, loose paper, etc. or any other items that easily fall off or blow away and create MOOP.

If it isn’t from your body, don’t put it in the potty! Don’t leave stuff lying on the floors of the porta-potties, or around the outside, either. Use only the paper provided in the toilets. Normal TP will clog the cleaning machines; trash in the toilets will prevent us from pumping them, and will threaten the viability of the event and you won’t like the results.
Also, the land is a delicate ecosystem. Do not use it as a toilet.

Those under 18 are the responsibility of their legal guardian or an appointed adult. It is expected that parents should be in control of themselves and their children at all times.

Personal Boundaries:
Recognize and respect people’s personal boundaries. People have different comfort levels with physical and emotional intimacy. There are lots of people here who have known each other for years—their boundaries with each other are going to be different than with someone they don’t know. Before you assume someone wants a big kiss or a new best friend, ask them. Being direct like this is not a kill-your-buzz obligation. It is expected protocol. Ask when both parties are coherent.  It’s best not to have intimate encounters with someone who is so loaded they can’t express what they do or do not want.   It’s against the law, for one thing, and it’s unethical and uncool as well.  In practical terms?  If someone is incoherent it’s always a NO, even if they said yes.  When someone says NO, it means NO. Regardless of what has happened prior to that moment, ‘No’ is a BIG red light. It also means that cajoling, pleading, or any form of emotional blackmail is UNACCEPTABLE.

ASK FIRST to be sure your subject(s) are okay with being immortalized in your photo album. HearthsOPhyre is a private event. Redistribution or public display of images, including on the internet, requires the explicit consent of all subject parties. An individual may revoke her or his consent at any time. Images may only be taken for personal use and may not be used professionally or for any commercial purpose without the written approval of HearthsOPhyre. Anyone encountering a problem with a photographer or videographer should report it to a Ranger.

Alcohol is permitted; drunken behavior is not.  Underage drinking will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the event.

Bring your photo ID. Your ID will be checked at the gate and is required for admission. Attendees over 21 will be given an Over 21 wristband—not having your wristband on may prevent you from having access to alcohol and may lead to expulsion from the event.

Camps or groups who supply alcohol must have a “bartender” or someone responsible for the alcohol present, at all times!

Vending, Commerce, and Concessions:
The sale of products and services is prohibited within our community. Bring what you need. The display of commercial logos or banners, or distribution of commercial promotional items or materials is also prohibited. Sales of handmade items and food items are not allowed for any reason. HearthsOPhyre is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy.

Leave No Trace (LNT):
HearthsOPhyre is a “Leave No Trace” event!  Beware of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)! To avoid MOOP and MOOPING, don’t let it hit the ground!  There will be NO garbage services at the event—take out ALL of your own trash!  Here are some Leave No Trace guidelines:

Pack out everything you bring (including nut shells, apple cores, and toilet paper).  Clean your entire campsite and surrounding areas before you leave.

Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground OR INTO THE FIRE.  Carry a portable ashtray with you.

Non-rechargeable glowsticks are discouraged – use battery operated devices instead.

Do not dump grey water on the ground. Any water that is not potable is grey water–including water used for washing, etc. YOU MUST BRING YOUR GREY WATER HOME WITH YOU!

Do not dump your trash along the way home!

Do not leave stuff in or around the portapotties or at another camp. You’re responsible for everything you bring and carry!

Fill in any holes you made before you leave the event.

Light Up the Night:
Put some lights on it! You, your tent, your stuff. Be seen!

No personal campsite fires are permitted except for camp stoves, gas barbeques, and approved fire pits/burn barrels.  All approved fire pits/burn barrels must be raised from the ground, properly secured and accompanied by a full water bucket.  Do not put anything other than wood or cardboard into fires. NOT EVEN CIGARETTE BUTTS as these can make the ashes toxic.

The state and/or county may issue a comprehensive burn ban. We can by no means guarantee that we will be able to burn anything. In addition, the area that HearthsOPhyre is being held is grass, and an uncontrolled fire can have devastating consequences for participants. Take this seriously—fire can put the lives and property of many people at risk. If a burn ban is in effect, smoking may be restricted to designated areas. You can check the County fire ban status online, but note that HearthsOPhyre’s fire status may differ from that of the County and the Emergency Services tent or any Ranger will have the most accurate information.

If fire art is permitted by the authorities, you still must register your fire art for pre-approval. All fire art is subject to inspection on site and, if deemed unsafe, will be shut down.

All fire performers are required to provide your own props, fuel, and safety equipment. A safety watch is required during any and all fire performances. More information about rehearsals, safety, and performances will be provided at the event.

Violation of the fire rules is grounds for removal from the event.

Sound Restrictions:
Please keep your neighbors in mind. Sound from any camp must not disrupt adjacent camps. Sound systems in your camp must be held to reasonable levels.

Sound systems are limited to certain areas of our event and must be registered in advance as a theme camp.

Sound systems may be monitored for excessive decibel levels and may need to be turned-down.

If sound problems continue after a warning the power source or audio equipment will be removed for the duration of the event.

Lost and Found:
If you find any valued items who have lost their owners, you can return them to the lost and found station located at Emergency Services Area. Please check at Emergency Services for any items you may have become separated from during the event.

Rangers will be on duty throughout the event. These are trained volunteers who are there to act as non-confrontational community mediators and safety officers. By encouraging and facilitating communication, the Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards, from sun-stroke to tent fires. Look for the folks with Ranger identification if you have a question or need help with anything.

Medical personal and our Rangers will be available 24 hours a day during the event. In case of an emergency or any questions, find any Event Coordinator or Lead and they will be able to help you!

No drama allowed. Keep your cool and have a good time!